Zájem o dovoz automobilových dílu do Kanady a USA

Export of automotive and engineering parts, components and services  from Czech Republic to Canada and the USA 


Proposal for export of automotive and engineering parts, components and services from the Czech Republic:

In Canada there are hundreds of businesses who are importing automotive and engineering, parts and components. Out of these, 40 businesses cover 80% of volume. Most of them are OEMs.  Mr. Mohammad Anis is working there as a consultant for importers and offering his services and experience for expansion of Czech companies. His profile here.

He can offer his services to export from the Czech Republic automotive and engineering parts, components, accessories and technology to Canada and the USA. Combination of his technical expertise and business development experience, he can provide global expansion support to any size of businesses in the fields of automotive and engineering to;

1- Identify the right market of their choice
2- Manage their market entrance professionally
3- Very thoroughly setting up a sales system
4- Can work-out plan for improvements to bring business to next level
5- Work on to check their abroad operations, if any business is already doing export but not satisfied with weak performance
6- Will work on to improve performance from a sales and marketing view

While providing his services to businesses, his vision is very much clear and it is, to be globally recognized business development specialist that put safety, quality, service, and value as priority to satisfy the needs of clients.
Hence if any member of Confederation of Industry of the Czech Republic, would like to start export to Canada and the USA or if they are already doing export to this region but need to grow further then he can be reached at any of the below contacts ;

Mohammad Anis
M / WhatsApp : +1 647 482 4993
Email :  Tato e-mailová adresa je chráněna před spamboty. Pro její zobrazení musíte mít povolen Javascript.

Mr.Anis would like to work for automotive and engineering parts and components exporters in the Czech Republic, on long term basis.
For any further clarification or question, please contact undersigned at your convenience.

Mohammad Anis
Import, Export and Business Development Consultant
MAAS Business Development
Toronto, Canada
M: +1 647 482 4993

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