Message from the President

jhDear colleagues,

Three quarters of the general public view industry as being important for our country and agree that industry's interests are best served by an umbrella organization. Such an umbrella organization is the Confederation of Industry of the Czech Republic who celebrates 26 years since its re-launched effort to promote interests of its members.

What makes us unique? We are an umbrella organization for all the other industry confederations, associations and bodies. Our membership also includes important individual businesses. For this reason we are the most important lobbyist organization in the country. We are an official partner for Government officials, for Regional Governments' representatives, for trade unions, research organizations and technical universities. We are endorsed to propose legislative amendments and we are able to influence political decision making and, often, to minimize the effects of wrong government decisions. We want the state to function without the need for over-abundant legislation, we want an environment in which our businesses can grow and prosper. We want to get rid of excessive state bureaucracy; we want to make sense of the legislative avalanche coming from Brussels.

We are able to propose solutions to fix the energy sector; and most importantly, we are able to balance the different interests and needs of all our members. We influence changes in the job market, changes that make a difference. Without our involvement in the agenda of technical education there would be no progress in this area. One tangible outcome is that 2015 had been officially designated as the Year of Industry and Technical Education. All state and public sector organisations, other confederations, businesses and schools had been coming on board with us on this issue. In Brussels we exercise our influence through the membership in BUSINESSEUROPE, for our businesses are also part of the common market.

Every year, we organize a number of events, such as seminars, conferences, round table discussions, incoming visits, business missions abroad and meetings at the highest level.

Our efforts have proved successful on many occasions; however some inveterate problems will require a lot of prolonged joint effort to affect change. We have experts who are able to make sense of mountains of legislative amendments, to meet together to find common positions and to lobby for them where it matters. We have experts who are not indifferent to our industry's problems.

In supporting the interests of our members we hold high the values of tradition, professionalism, and strength. We want our country to be competitive and to prosper.

Jaroslav Hanák
President of the Confederation of Industry of the Czech Republic

Růžena Hejná
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