Czech firms to face difficulties in doing business with Iran

Czech firms may find it difficult to continue doing business on the Iranian market due to the US-Iran tensions, said Lukas Martin, head of the international relations section at the Czech Confederation of Industry.

However, Czech businesses should not leave Iran despite the adverse conditions, he said.
Czech lorry manufacturer Tatra Trucks finds it impossible to operate in Iran due to the sanctions imposed on the country and the geopolitical situation, the firm's spokesman Andrej Cirtek said.

Tatra Trucks had been negotiating a supply of vehicles to Iran. However, neither Tatra Trucks nor any other firm from the CSG group are currently in talks with Iranian partners, he said.

Engineering company Smeral Brno encountered a different problem. Because of the sanctions, Iran is able to manufacture most items itself and any larger purchase from abroad is considered carefully, Smeral Brno CEO Jiri Zoufaly said.

Czech exports to Iran amounted to about Kc566m in the January-October 2019 period and totalled more than Kc1.5bn in 2018, the Czech Statistical Office (CSU) said. The highest volume, some Kc1.8bn, was recorded in 2017, according to the CSU.

The most significant commodities exported in 2018 included boards, panels and cabinets for electric control or electricity distribution, glassware, and electrical apparatuses for switching and protecting electrical circuits.

Source: ČTK

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