Govt OKs energy-climate plan, share of renewables to grow

The share of renewable sources in the Czech Republic's total energy consumption will grow by 2030 under the energy and climate plan approved by the government, Industry Minister Karel Havlicek told CTK.

The ministry had already upped the share of renewables in total energy consumption by 2030 from the original 20.8 percent to 22 percent, Havlicek said earlier. This year's share is projected at 15.6 percent. Besides electricity, the indicator also includes renewable energy in transport, heating and cooling.

The approved energy and climate plan, required by the EU, comprises Czechia's commitments by which it wants to contribute to European goals in the area of renewables.

Last year, the EU said that Czechia's goal for 2030 should be at least 23 percent. A group of senators subsequently called on the Industry Ministry to raise the goal to 24 percent. The Chamber of Renewable Sources (KOZE) said today that representatives of clean energy, environmentalist organisations and municipalities had demanded a rise to at least 24.4 percent. "According to our calculations, each percent above 20 will cost us about Kc30bn in support," Havlicek said in mid-December.

After talks of Visegrad Four (V4) countries in early December, Havlicek said Czechia is a leader among V4 countries as regards this indicator. "The goal for the share of renewables in 2030 is the following: Czechia 22 percent, Hungary 21 percent, Poland 21 percent and Slovakia 19.2 percent," he said then.

In its report for the government, the ministry said public expenditures connected with the fulfilment of the goals regardinf the share of renewable sources are estimated at Kc900bn, including support of existing sources.

The approved version of the plan envisages that responsibility for achieving the goal of energy efficiency in 2021-2030 will continue to be borne by the state, the Confederation of Industry noted. "The Industry Minitry has met our demands that the state should not transfer the responsibilty for achieving the energy efficiency goal to companies and citizens," the confederation said in a press release.

Source: ČTK

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