Roundtable dedicated to energy market in the EU

Rountable energyaSPCR took part in a roundtable dedicated to energy market in the European Union, held in Brusells at the end of November. The Czech representatives commented especially on regional cooperation of transmission operators, capacity mechanisms and energy savings.

Representation of the Free State of Bavaria to the European Union organized a second annual roundtable called „European Dialogue on the Energy Union“. SPCR was one of the participants alongside the mission from e.g. Sweden, Austria and Belgium. The Czech delegation was constituted from head of the working group on emission reduction and MEP Mr. Pavel Telička Mrs. Jana Radová, SPCR´s Permanent Representative to Brussels, Mr. Dimitrij Maksimovič, expert on energy legislation and Mr. Jiri Feist.

Priority issue of the Czech mission has been the regional cooperation of transmission operators on which Mr. Feist commented briefly in the brochure (published for the purposes of this event) and which was debated more in detail during the session. Close attention has been paid also to energy savings as SPCR used the opportunity to briefly present the results of a study analyzing the potential for energy savings as well as the related costs in the Czech Republic. Management summary of the study is available here. The event was very beneficial especially due to large variety of opinions around one table and an immediate opportunity to share the findings and arguments.

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