The EU industry appeals to maintain energy security in Europe

The representatives of ten European energy and industry associations including the Czech Confederation of Industry met in Berlin to discuss the energy security issues. It was concluded that in order to ensure the security of supplies in the EU, the policies and instruments must be sought for on the European-wide level.

The participants of the conference, organized in Berlin on the 9th-10th October, debated the development of European energy sector regarding the supply capacity. It was agreed, that the mix of sources does not, and especially will not, guarantee for a permanent security of supplies as the intermittent sources are growing and the stable conventional sources are decreasing. This is the consequence of the market development, new energy policies and European environmental legislation that promotes renewables. However, the right effort to meet the climate goals shall not ignore the condition of energy security.

After a detailed exchange of perspectives that had begun even before the conference started, ten representatives of European industry and energy associations signed a joint appeal which you can find enclosed. The signatory associations believe that the security of supply in Europe can only be efficiently ensured in the course of the further development of a European integrated market. In this respect, special attention shall be paid to the market design directive and regulation that are being revised by now and to the monitoring to be conducted by ENTSO-E in future.

Tereza Řezníčková
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