A Europe with opportunities for all

The world is changing rapidly and profoundly as global alliances shift and populism rises. What we are witnessing is not just another era of change but a change of era. Business wants to be part of the solution and ensure that Europe can shape this new era according to its values.

Today, the European business community presents its Ambition for the European Union in 2030. In this paper we set out what is needed to create the right conditions to enhance competitiveness and enable business to play its role in society.

BusinessEurope President Pierre Gattaz said:

"In the view of the European elections, the business community has a strong responsibility to speak up, explain why the European Union is so important for people's future and to say what needs to be done to ensure that things are going in the right direction.

Companies are the backbone of Europe's economic stability and people's prosperity. Entrepreneurs invest, create jobs and make the economy grow. The private sector accounts for 80% of all jobs in the EU; companies in the EU invested almost €200 billion in research and development in 2016; in 2015, companies spent more than €50 billion on vocational training in the EU.

Business is committed to transforming the economic, social, technological, and environmental challenges we are facing into opportunities and defend our European way of life. Let's together build an EU we can be proud of. The business ambition for Europe in 2030 is to build a European Union with opportunities for all."

Read our Ambition for the European Union in 2030 here.
Tereza Řezníčková
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