Confederation plans to organise 15 business missions in 2019

The Confederation of Industry plans to organise at least 15 business missions to boost Czech exports this year including trips to Jordan, Peru and Colombia.

Trips to the Arabian Peninsula, Sub-Saharan Africa, Central Asia, Iran, Iraq, and Canada have also been planned, the Confederation said.

It went on to say it organised 18 business trips last year during which Czech politicians were accompanied by 522 company representatives.

Jaroslav Hanak, the Confederation's head, said business persons will accompany Industry and Trade Minister Marta Novakova on a visit to Jordan in February and Environment Minister Richard Brabec during his visit to Peru and Colombia.

Company representatives will also accompany Jaroslav Kubera, chairman of the Senate (upper house of parliament), who leaves for an official visit to Oman in two months, and Foreign Minister Tomas Petricek.

"With businesses, we would like to visit Milan, Italy, South Africa, South and Central America and Southeast Asia this year," said Petricek.

Source: CTK

Tereza Řezníčková
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