No-deal Brexit Act signed

The Confederation of Industry of the Czech Republic welcomes the new legislative act for the case of no-deal Brexit which has been signed by the President this Thursday, after being adopted by both chambers of the Czech Parliament. The act focuses mainly on the rights of British citizens who will be legally residing in the Czech Republic before March 29.

Czech Republic intends to apply a special approach to the UK nationals and their family members with the right of residence or the right of permanent residence under the free movement directive before the withdrawal date.

The new legislation provides for a special grace period starting from the withdrawal date and running until 31 December 2020. Persons with a certificate of registration – a document confirming their right of permanent residence, residence - or with a permanent residence card of a family member of an EU citizen, will be generally considered as possessing the right of residence or permanent residence. During this period, UK citizens and their family members will be entitled to legally stay (continue to stay) and work in the Czech Republic and to submit the application for a residence permit as third country nationals.

During the above mentioned period, starting from the withdrawal date, British citizens and their family members will be entitled to apply for a residence status under the third country nationals´ system. After 2020, the third country nationals’ regime will be applied. Citizens, who applied for the residence permit during the grace period, will be allowed to stay legally in the Czech Republic until their application is approved or denied.

Besides, the European Commission recently launched an EU residence rights of UK nationals website ( bringing an overview of ongoing national preparations by the 27 EU Member States ensuring that - in the case of a no-deal withdrawal - UK citizens, who are legally residing in an EU Member State at withdrawal date, will continue to be considered as legally residing.

The EU website also offers an unofficial translation of the key components of the new Czech legislative act.

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Tereza Řezníčková
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