European elections show: Europe matters to its citizens

"These are the second-largest democratic elections in the world, with more authorized voters only in the parliamentary elections in India! The result shows that citizens take the EU as theirs project. The published data show a visible increase in voter turnout compared to 2014. In the Czech Republic, the jump in attendance of the voters is about 10 percentage points, which is significant. It seems Europeans are interested in their common home,” said Radek Spicar, Vice-President of the Confederation of Industry.

"We call on the main political forces to create a pro-European majority in the European Parliament and agree on leaders of the key institutions, including the European Commission, without undue delay. We offer cooperation to all of our MEPs and we expect they will consult on all legislation affecting business in the Czech Republic, the EU and the world with the largest Czech employers’ organization,” said Jaroslav Hanak, president of the Confederation of Industry.

It is in our interest all institutions start to work as quickly as possible and deal with their agenda. The outside world will not wait for us. What is very important is the unity of those who want to move Europe towards greater competitiveness and international importance.

As the largest Czech business representation, we are commenting on a significant portion of the European legislation. Together with the European Business Confederation "BusinessEurope", we are proposing various reform steps. We are ready to work with the new institutions to help increase European competitiveness and make the EU even a better place for the lives of all its inhabitants.

For our Members of the European Parliament, we have prepared a policy paper called "A Europe friendly for Business" containing an overview of key areas for the development of Czech and European industry and a clear overview of what Czech employers need from them.
Tereza Řezníčková
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