A vision for the European industry until 2030

At the end of June, the Industry 2030 high-level industrial roundtable finalized its report on the future of EU industry called the Vision 2030.

The Confederation of Industry of the Czech Republic appreciates this report as an important contribution to the debate on a more proactive and strategic industrial policy. We welcome the significance the report attributes to industry and competitiveness, as well as to the digital agenda and free movement of data. We also note with appreciation the Vision 2030 report gives space to the principles of self-regulation beside new legislation.

In majority of aspects, the Vision 2030 report is in line with the Europe 2030 published by BusinessEurope in December 2018 that we advocate. However, given the Vision 2030 part on acceleration of transformation towards climate-neutral industry, the Confederation of Industry needs to insist it is necessary to set only such reductions of greenhouse gas emissions and decarbonisation goals that are realistic and cost-efficient. Too ambitious objectives or too ambitious timeframes would undermine the ultimate goal of the vision and would lead to pushing the industry outside the EU.

The Industry 2030 was established by the European Commission in December 2017 to provide independent advice on future EU industrial policy action. Twenty experts representing small and big businesses, traditional and disruptive industries, trade unions, the innovation and research community, as well as finance and academia, including former BusinessEurope president Emma Marcegaglia, prepared a report with recommendations on future EU industrial policy strategy towards 2030.
Tereza Řezníčková
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