Our 15 priorities for the Czech Government before the end of its term in 2021

At the General Congress of the Confederation of Industry of the Czech Republic, taking place in the city of Brno between October 7-11 during the MSV International Engineering Fair, the President of the Confederation Jaroslav Hanák presented to the Prime Minister Andrej Babiš 15 priorities that urgently need to be addressed by the Czech Government.

1. Simplify the construction legislation

The time needed for preparation of construction projects in the Czech Republic is tragic. In the Doing Business 2019 rating the Czech Republic got the 156th place in the world. In average, investors must undertake 21 actions lasting for 246 days.

2. Ensure sufficient funds for transport infrastructure

The Czech Republic needs 920 km of motorways. In 2018 only 4 new kilometres of motorways were open. This year, it has been only 8 new kilometres (in Poland – for comparison – this figure is 57 kilometres). This pace of construction is absolutely not sufficient.

3. Support the development of low-carbon mobility

Czech industry undertakes responsible steps to get ready for the new era of electro-mobility. The Government and public administration play a key role in supporting low-carbon mobility measures to maintain competitiveness of Czech automotive industry.

4. Launch the selection process for supplier of new nuclear blocks by 2020

We have to bear in mind that the Dukovany Nuclear PowerPlant is expected to be closed down by 2035. By that time, we will need a replacement in operation.

5. Adoption of Climate-Energy Plan allowing to fulfil the 2030climatic and energy targets with lowest possible costs

Meeting climate and energy targets cannot increase the price of energy to the level on which the Czech industry loses its competitiveness and on which Czech households would face massive increases in energy expenditures.

6. Prepare the labour market for the challenges of Industry 4.0 and for the demographic changes and allocate sufficient resources for life-long learning

So far, there is no legally binding system in place for labour market predictions in the Czech Republic. In 2050, there will be 70 retired people for 100 people at work in the Czech Republic. Currently, the figure is 44.

7. Mobilize all unemployed who can work and simplify the involvement of foreign workers

Since April 2018, there is a significant overhang of labour force demand over the number of unemployed.

8. Address the problems of export financing and - together with other constitutional actors - allow for much greater involvement of business representatives at official Czech visits abroad

Most countries have an export support system of both Export banks and Export insurance companies. Therefore, we need to keep the Czech Export Bank as well as the Export Guarantee and Insurance Corporation, with increased involvement of the Ministry of Industry and Trade within the Czech export support system.

9. Setting of a deadline for entering the EURO zone

The Government cannot give up meeting our obligation to adopt the European currency.

10. Sustaining the obligatory leaving examination in maths

Good knowledge of mathematics belongs to the current era of digitalisation and new technologies. It would be irresponsible for the future of our children and of our economy.

11. Keep increasing the wages for teachers

Teachers are the cornerstone of our competitiveness. Therefore, we urgently need highly qualified and highly motivated teachers.

12. Launching of fully functional e-government and ensuring conditions for general digitalisation

Effective interconnections between existing e-government systems and its swift development in remaining areas.

13. The Government must carry out its digital promises, not just to produce further strategy papers

Having a strategy and a vision is important. However, we have to focus at delivery now.

14. The EU copyright directive must be transposed in a way not slowing down the AI development

The Government must avoid gold plating and eliminate possible negative effects of the Directive for both start-ups and established companies.

15. Look for allies for preventing rushed adoption of the new EU e-Privacy Regulation

The implications of the current wording of the proposed Regulation goes against the efforts of Czech businesses to invest into Industry 4.0 instruments. Therefore, the Government must clearly step against it and ensure finding a functional solution.

The Confederation of Industry is the premier business non-governmental organisation in the Czech Republic providing a voluntary and non-political voice for employers at both national and international levels. We speak for companies and associations of every size and of all kinds of industries, including many in the sector of SMEs. We act as an umbrella organization for nearly 11 000 members with over 1.3 mil employees. Our main mission is to promote the conditions in which businesses of all sizes and sectors in the Czech Republic can flourish and stay competitive. We believe what we do is finally for the benefit of the whole country. To achieve this, we work hard at home, in the EU and internationally.

The MSV International Engineering Fair is the most important industrial fair in Central Europe, with more than 1,600 exhibitors and 80,000 visitors participating every year. Over 50% of exhibitors and 10% of visitors come from abroad.

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