Czech Confederation of Industry in favour of euro adoption

The Confederation of Industry backs euro adoption in Czechia partly due to Great Britain's departure from the European Union (EU), Radek Spicar, vice-president of the Confederation, said at a meeting of industry and export leaders at Prague Castle today.
Britain's official currency is the pound and once the country leaves the EU there is a danger that the eurozone countries might play a bigger role in deciding about the EU's future, Spicar said.
Finance Minister Alena Schillerova reiterated that the current government would not set any euro adoption dates.
The Confederation has been monitoring economic as well as political developments in the Union, fearing that one day the non-euro member states will not be able to influence the work and mainly the future shape of the EU, said Spicar. That is why the Confederation will press for euro adoption to a greater extent than it did in the past, he added.

Source: CTK

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