Czech business expects UK to get out of brexit gridlock

We appreciate the early general elections in United Kingdom have brought a result which allows to unstuck the UK – EU brexit negotiation. After three years of gridlock, the Prime Minister has a clear mandate to govern. Businesses in the Czech Republic, as well as in other EU member states, urge him to use it to break the cycle of uncertainty. There are many tasks for the UK government to deal with in the country, however providing the business and citizens with early reassurance on further brexit development is vital not only for the UK but for all the EU as well.

The biggest issues of our times – from tackling climate change to reskilling the workforce for new technologies – can only be delivered through real partnership between government and business. This new partnership must be based on clear rules and certainty.

Firms will continue to do all they can to prepare for Brexit, but will want to know they will not face another no deal cliff-edge next year. This scenario is unacceptable.

We believe the newly formed UK government will conclude the withdrawal agreement with the EU and we urge both parties to invest maximum effort in to setting up the new partnership after the brexit. In case the transition period shows itself as insufficient, it has to be prolonged to prevent repeating the same scenario again.

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