Czech Republic is exiting the covid restrictions

Czech Republic is exiting the covid restrictions. Govt has lifted almost all quarantine restrictions. On May 17, the state of emergency ended. If needed, other restrictions and measures are based on the Law on Public Health. On May 25, the Czech Government has lifted almost all quarantine restrictions, however there are some exceptions and special hygienic an operational rules applied:

  • People are not obliged to wear facemasks anymore if they are in an open a not closely surrounded by people (distance 2 meters). Facemasks are still compulsory in side of shops or adequate public buildings, public transportation vehicles and premises or in case a person in surrounded closely by other people, in a crowd etc.

(Notice: In practice in an open space people are not using facemask at all // or on the other hand some of them all the time. You can hardly estimate how far the other people are and you can hardly put the mask on and off all the time in case you are meeting people. However, in the shops, buildings, public transportation etc. the compulsory usage of a facemask is widely respected.)

  • People are asked to keep minimum distance of 2 meters from other persons (where is physically achievable).
  • Thanks to the good epidemiology situation, the shopping centres (even those larger 5000 square meters) and other large shops (like Ikea etc.) were reopened on May 11, instead of originally planned June 8.
  • In general lifting of the restrictions is faster than planned before. Many services and facilities planned for reopening since June 8 were reopened on May 25 already.
  • Even so the government has lifted majority of the restrictions since May 25, there are still some limitations:
    Mainly as follows:
    - organized training of professional and amateur athletes on outdoor and indoor sports fields with the participation of 300 people maximum at the same time;
    o mass events in outdoor and indoor spaces with the participation of 300 people maximum at the same time;
    - Personnel of the restaurants and other services have to use a facemask (there are also complicated rules for guests where they have to and do not have to use a face mask in the restaurant – in practice you wouldn´t see guest with a facemask);
    - The capacity of the restaurants is often limited as otherwise, those can ´t keep the compulsory 1, 5 meter distance in between the tables. The cinemas and other similar facilities are not using all the seats to limit the capacity and keep distances.
    - Opening hours are shortened to 23:00; this should be lifted during June
    - A possibility to disinfect customers hands must be provided;
    - Shopkeeper or service provider have to prevent people from gathering in larger groups and close standing in queues etc.
    - There are other rules and suggestions concerning sanitization, ventilation and keeping the premises safe.
    - In general at your workplace you have to wear a facemask if you can ´t keep 2 meters or more distance from other persons. (Notice: we are now cooperating with our Ministry of Industry and Trade and trying to get a waiver from the mass events restriction for Trade Fairs. So far, it looks promising. It depends on the decision of the Ministry of Health)
  • Since June 8, mass events up to 500 persons will be allowed, and some other minor tuned up in releasing the restrictions for zoos, cinemas, swimming pools etc.
  • The expectation is the 500 limit will be lifted fully since June 15 – to be confirmed

  • Universities and colleges are operating with some restrictions in numbers of presented people and stricter hygienic rules. It is possible to held entrance exams.
  • In general, primary and secondary schools will not be open to standard compulsory school attendance until June 30.
    There are exceptions and partly the schools are operational:
    - Since May 25, Pupils of 1st level of elementary schools (1st – 5th year) can attend personally in stable groups (approx.. 15), larger distances, face masks when working in groups, stricter hygienic rules etc.,
    - Leisure activities centres for children are operational since May 11 under similar rules;
    - Second level of elementary (6th – 9th year) pupils and secondary schools students have a possibility to attend school in person voluntarily since June 8. There will be special stable groups of 15 persons maximum. The online courses are still available for those who are not there in person. The concrete setup depends on the school; it might not be every day. It is not the same as for the younger children of the 1st elementary level! This is mostly intended for special consultation classes, to renew personal contacts of the students etc. If the school is not able to fulfil special requirements due to limited space or personal capacity, it might not do it this way.
    - Since May 11, secondary school students can attend courses in order to prepare for final exams (under stricter rules, groups of 15 maximum etc.).
    - Since June 1, graduation exams and their respective equivalents are being held on Secondary schools;
    - One to one courses are running

    State borders:
  • Since May 26 open, Czech citizens can travel abroad, however returning is subject of rules, new rules since June 15 described below. Entering the neighbouring country depends on its rules. No systemic border checks now from the Czech side but random checks instead.
    As approved by the government on June 1 since June 15 there will be three groups of countries (low risk, mid risk and high risk) – “traffic lights system”.
  • If a Czech citizen is coming from Sweden and United Kingdom (risk countries as of now) presenting a negative coronavirus is compulsory;
  • If a Czech citizen is coming from a mid and low risk country it is possible to return without a test.
  • However, foreigners coming to the Czech Republic will continue to have to prove themselves with a test when traveling even from medium-risk countries;
  • In case the negative test is required and can´t be presented when coming to the Czech Republic a person must undergo 14 days in quarantine;
  • System is based on European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) data and the list of the countries will be regularly updated once a week according the data;
  • With regard to countries outside the European Union and associated countries in the European Economic Area, the Government prefer a solution to be adopted at EU level. In case one or two states, will open borders with a third state with no conditions, it will be very difficult to control the situation and who is coming from where. The European Commission has recommended the European Union's external borders should stay closed (until June 15) only with the exception of necessary travel for economic reasons or the return of European Union citizens. (Czech Minister of Foreign Affairs Mr. Tomas Petricek said)
  • As of June 2 Czech list of EU countries according the risk: low risk – Bulgaria, Estonia, Finland, Croatia, Iceland, Cyprus, Lichtenstein, Latvia, Lithuania, Hungary, Germany, Norway, Poland, Austria, Romania, Greece, Slovenia, Slovakia, Switzerland; mid-risk – Belgium, Denmark, France, Ireland, Italy, Luxemburg, Malta, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, high-risk – Sweden, Great Britain
  • We highly suggest to all foreigners to follow updates on the page of our Ministry of Interior in English. The yesterday approved changes should be soon part of the page as well.
  • Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs expect Austria, Hungary, Germany, Slovenia, Croatia, Greece and Bulgaria to open borders fully for Czech citizens in mid of June as well. There are unfortunately uncertainties when it comes on Poland and Slovakia, but negotiations is running based on epidemiology situation (there are still some coronavirus hotspots near Polish – Czech borders in Silesia region). Might be subject of change.
  • The measures are based on positive development where daily number of new cases in the Czech Republic is below 50 and many of them located in some known hotspot. The number of hospitalized persons is less than 130.

    State as of June 2, 2020
    Confederation of Industry of the Czech Republic
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