Lewiatan, LPK and SPCR: EU supply chains need to remain undisrupted

The EU’s Single Market is under the heaviest pressure ever as new restrictions on transport of goods and people are being introduced across the EU with continuous waves of the Covid-19 pandemic. In order to avoid wide-reaching disruptions to EU supply chains, the Polish Confederation Lewiatan, Lithuanian Confederation of Industrialists and Czech SPCR adopted a joint position calling on EU Member States to preserve the Single Market undisrupted and waive requirements for professional drivers.

Transport of goods is currently hampered by excessive requirements for professional drivers to present Covid-19 tests and complete registration forms when entering some EU countries. This situation creates long queues at border crossings and generates unnecessary red tape for hauliers.

For these reasons, the three confederations call for abolishing requirements for mandatory testing every professional driver without exceptions and various forms of registration for professional transport drivers across the entire EU, in order to preserve supply chains in our Single Market and to keep transport of goods undisrupted.

The current Covid-19 pandemic should not dismantle our strongly integrated value chains and Single Market built with much effort and struggle by at least one generation of Europeans.

The full joint position is available HERE.

Tomáš Hodač
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