Corporate COVID testing to continue by end-June so far

The mandatory testing for COVID-19 in firms, public offices and NGOs once a week will continue in the Czech Republic by end-June at least, the government approved and Industry and Trade Minister Karel Havlicek (for ANO) told reporters.

Besides, the duty to undergo regular COVID tests will further apply to sole traders as swell. The government representatives previously said corporate testing might last until end-May.

First, firms with over 250 employees had to test their staff for COVID and they were obliged to complete the testing until March 12. First with a lower number of employees followed gradually up to the smallest ones and sole traders.

Those working from home were vaccinated against COVID-19 or had the coronavirus infection proven in the past 90 days are not obliged to get tested. The Confederation of Industry of the Czech Republic (SP) repeatedly called on the government to present a corporate testing scenario, including the length and regime of the tests.

The firms also ask the Health Ministry to specify what tests they should use in terms of quality and sensitivity. Moreover, the government should complete the debate about a possible transfer from antigen to PCR testing, the SP says. The share of positive tests in firms is gradually declining, according to the data from the SP statistics. From early March till mid-April, it dropped from 0.77 percent to 0.17 percent.

The firms can draw a contribution of 60 crowns a week per employee for the COVID testing from the public health insurance, maximally for four tests per employee monthly. The latest SP survey shows that the prices of self-testing kits are decreasing and firms usually pay from 60 to 100 crowns apiece now.

Source: ČTK

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