SP ČR heads key committee of BusinessEurope

The Confederation of Industry of the Czech Republic is significantly strengthening its position in Brussels. The Head of our Brussels office, Mrs. Jana Hartman Radova, has taken over the position of Chair of BusinessEurope´s Internal Market Committee (IMCO). This is one of the key committees in BusinessEurope, our umbrella organization at EU level. This significantly strengthens the Confederation’s position vis-à-vis BusinessEurope, the EU and the European institutions. It also brings benefits to our members.

The Confederation is proud of this success for a number of reasons. Not only this is the first time we are chairing one of the seven BusinessEurope´s committees, it is also strengthening the position of the entire region. Jana Hartman Radova is the only Chair from the Central and Eastern Europe, and she is also the only woman among the committee chairs.

The IMCO committee covers six working groups, including the working groups on the digital economy, transport, better regulation, public contracts and free movement of goods and services. The term of office of the Chairperson is two years, with the possibility of one extension. Representatives of federations from Denmark and Spain will be her Vice-chairs.

During its almost thirty years of membership in BusinessEurope, the Czech Confederation has played the Vice-chair role several times. Now, however, this is the first time that the Confederation has taken over the chairmanship of one of the seven BusinessEurope´s committees.

The fact the Confederation of Industry of the Czech Republic, one of the forty members of BusinessEurope from across Europe, has the chairmanship shows its strong position in BusinessEurope and the respect of its sister federations across Europe. "I am glad that we have succeeded in gaining the chairmanship of such an important committee for the Confederation. This reflects not only the considerable lobbying efforts, but also our activity and the position of the Confederation in Brussels and among the European business community," said Ms. Jana Hartman Radova, Head of the Confederation’s Brussels Office.


This will undoubtedly further strengthen the position of the Confederation, both vis-à-vis BusinessEurope and vis-à-vis other European associations and institutions. The chairmanship is associated with both the management of the committee's meetings and the strategic influence on the direction of activities, priorities and positions of the European business in this important area. Chair will also gain, among other things, better access to information and the opportunity to represent BusinessEurope on various occasions.

"The Internal market is our biggest asset and has been seriously hit by the coronavirus crisis. We witnessed a flood of unilateral measures and a lack of coordination between the Member States. It is necessary not only to return it to a pre-crisis condition, but also to strengthen it and remove long-standing barriers. We need to work harder than ever to further integrate the Single Market and prevent protectionism! I am ready to continue to defend the interests of businesses and to fight for better regulation," said Ms. Jana Hartman Radova.

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