About us

The Confederation of Industry is the leading business lobbying organisation in the Czech Republic providing a voice for employers at the national and international level.

We are here to assert the interest of our members. We speak for companies and associations of all shapes and sizes across the key sectors of industry, including many SMEs.

Our main goal is to promote the conditions in which business sector in the Czech Republic can flourish and stay competitive. We believe that what we do is finally for the benefit of the whole country. To achieve this we work at the national and local level, within the EU and internationally.

More in details

We act as an umbrella for 36 associations (the so called Collective Members) together with over 170 Direct Members. The total number of our members has reached over 11 000.

We are a not-for-profit organisation, independent of the government, political parties and trade unions. We are the most important employers´ organization in the Czech Republic.


We are continuously and constantly participating in the shaping of the economic and social policy of the Czech Government in order to create optimal conditions for business development. We promote the same interests at the EU and global level. We are achieving this goal also through our membership in many important international organizations.

Our priorities

  • Industry as the main pillar of the Czech economy
  • Research, development and innovation in industry
    Green deal, industrial and energy transition
  • Economic recovery and investment support measures
  • Digital economy, digital transformation and digitalization and new technologies (AI, blockchain, cloud, etc.)
  • Education and skills including STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) and life-long learning and re-skilling
  • International trade without barriers
  • Environmental protection, energy efficiency and circular economy
  • Flexible labour market and employment policies fit for the digital age

International trade

Besides lobbing you will also find strong support of international trade in the portfolio of our activities. It includes organization of trade missions accompanying the highest political representatives of our country, reciprocal receiving of international business delegations, production of various seminars and trade promotion meetings and dissemination of related information. In this we closely cooperate with Czech and international embassies and other organisations around the world.