Czech Cement Association

The Association organizes legal entities involved in cement production in the Czech Republic territory.

The Association is a legal entity with its rights, obligations and force, as are defined for the Association, its bodies and members in accord with law, by appropriate agreement and articles.

The Association aim resides in union of listed below activities and means for the benefit and common weal of the association members and for organization and support of cooperation and assistance - inland and abroad, as well.

The Association target lies also in promotion of common and individual interests of the Association members and protection of their rightful interests against state authorities.

The Association activity subjects:

protection and upholding of common interests in technical, environmental and organization areas

managing of common technical, technological and social matters

solution of environment protection problems

science and technology supporting including research and development achievements application and technical standardization

providing expert opinions and consultantship in the discipline

organization of common professional workshops and building up cooperation with external inland and foreign professional institutions

gathering and processing summary information including environmental

driving and promotion of common interests in foreign contacts region

creating conditions for services improvement for the building, industry and agriculture

ensuring the Association secretariat work
K cementárně 1261/25
153 00 Praha
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Phone: +420 257 811 797
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