The Confederation of Industry hosted leaders of BusinessEurope

On his second visit to Prague in a few months, the newly elected President of the Confederation of European Business (BusinessEurope), Fredrik Persson, accompanied by Director General Markus Beyrer, attended another event in Prague organised by the Confederation of Industry. The visit followed the June meeting of the BusinessEurope Presidents' Council, when business representatives from 35 European countries handed over the "Prague Declaration" of European business to the government headed by Prime Minister Petr Fiala, during which Fredrik Persson was also elected President.

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President Persson and CEO Beyrer attended the meeting of the EU Expert Team of the Confederation of Industry and Transport of the Czech Republic. Among the main agenda items of the team meeting were dealing with the energy crisis caused by the Russian aggression in Ukraine, the Confederation's cooperation with BusinessEurope, international relations, internal market and labour market, green deal and digital economy, etc.

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The afternoon meeting of the Expert team was a smooth follow-up to the morning meetings of the delegation accompanied by the Vice President of BusinessEurope Radek Špicar and the Director of the International Relations Section of SP CR Lukáš Martin with the Prime Minister Petr Fiala, the Minister of Industry and Trade Jozef Sikel and the Deputy Minister for European Affairs Marek Havrda.

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The SP CR expert team members had an opportunity to discuss their questions and get feedback complemented by fresh information from the Czech government. The government representatives appreciated the intensive cooperation with the Confederation of Industry and welcomed that the Confederation of Industry will continue to participate in the development of effective measures to support Czech companies in the current energy and economic crisis, both at national as well as European level through BusinessEurope.

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BusinessEurope is the largest and most powerful business lobby vis-à-vis European institutions and other organisations (representing 20 million businesses in Europe) and is also the leader of employers in European social dialogue. For the SP CR, it is the most direct and effective way to influence the development of initiatives, policies and legislative and non-legislative measures of the European Commission from the very beginning. The SP CR has been a member since 1993 and BusinessEurope is the defining organisation for it to develop its own strategies and defend the interests of Czech and European industry.

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