Investment Climate - valuable information for investors in Czechia

CzechInvest has released a new Investment Climate brochure, a comprehensive marketing resource for Czechia.

The publication provides an overview of the country's economic and political environment and highlights the key benefits, incentives and opportunities available to investors looking to establish a presence in the heart of Europe. With the publication of a new brochure on the investment climate in Czechia, Czech national investment promotion agency CzechInvest has taken an important step in providing valuable information to potential investors.

Do you want to know where we stand on FDI and who our biggest foreign investors are in different sectors? The brochure serves as a strategic guide for both domestic and foreign investors. It provides a broad overview of the different sectors that are successful in the Czech market and is also full of data-driven analysis and research. With the highest FDI per capita in Central and Eastern Europe, Czechia is one of the most developed and attractive countries, not only for business.

The publication is available on the CzechInvest website.

Mikuláš Nozar
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