Agricultural and Forestry Machinery Association

Main activities of the Agricultural and Forestry Machinery Association according to the Association agreement are :

- Cooperation in research, development, production and sale of agricultural and forestry machinery on the basis of mutual advantageousness.

- Mutual exchange of information and proved experience in agreed upon areas of interest.

- Pushing through common interests of the members of the Association both in inland and abroad on all necessary and attainable levels and places.

- Organization of representative actions of the Association, educational actions for members.

- Struggle against unfair competition endangering interests of the members of the Association.

- Organization of proving, testing and evaluation of agricultural and forestry machines, implements and methods and publication of attestations for needs of producers, sellers and users.

- Development of new forms of cooperation in the framework of international agricultural and forestry machinery associations both of western Europe countries (CEMA) and of central and eastern Europe countries.

- Providing mutual services supporting activities of the members of the Association.

Zemědělská 1665/1
Černá Pole
613 00 Brno
49.2099403N, 16.5926311E
Reg. ID: 71197346
VAT ID: CZ71197346
Phone: +420 541 235 256
Fax: +420 541 235 257

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