Established on 5th of May 1990, the Confederation carries on the tradition and activities of the former Central Union of Czechoslovak Industrialists that existed in the years 1918–1938, 1945–1950 and 1968–1969.

June 18th, 1918

The founding General Assembly of the Czech Union of Industrialists was held on that day. By that year’s end, the Central Union of Czechoslovak Industrialists had been legally established based on the law on association as a voluntary, nationwide organisation. Along with the big banks and other leading economic structures, it has quickly become to be the dominant for the Czechoslovak economy and, together with these, had decisive influence in formation of the economic policies of the government in the new state.


Czechoslovak industrialists were among the founding members of the International Organisation of Employers (IOE), with its headquarters in Geneva, which is a proof of great prestige in the employer´s structures of the European industrialised states of that day.

August 29th, 1939

By Order of the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Trades, industry in Bohemia and Moravia was compulsorily organised into the Central Federation of Industry for Bohemia and Moravia, which was divided into 23 groups by business or profession as well as into 10 geographic units.

1945 – 1950

The Communist Party’s post-February monopoly of power brought together with the centrally planned economy the dismissal of the Central Union of Czechoslovak Industrialists (having 14,000 members) on 30 September 1950.

May 5th, 1990

After a failed attempt to do so in 1968-69, the Union of Industry of the Czech Republic was newly established in Ostrava on the initiative of 153 enterprises and organisations as a resumption of the tradition of the Central Union of Czechoslovak Industrialists.

March 17th, 1994

The General Assembly meeting approved a change of name to the Confederation of Industry of the Czech Republic (SP CR)


2023 – ?  Jan Rafaj
2011 – 2023 Jaroslav Hanák
2004 – 2011 Jaroslav Míl
2001 – 2004 Stanislav Kázecký
2000 – 2001 Petr Karas
1993 – 2000 Štěpán Popovič
1990 – 1993 Hynek Hanák
1990 Miroslav Grégr