Cooperation and Lobbying

National Lobbying

We promote the common interests of our members with the goal of creating an environment that is conducive to enterprise and employment while respecting ethical principles of business that will lead to long-term, sustainable prosperity for Czech society.

We promote, co-ordinate and defend the interests of our members in the Council for Economic and Social Agreement, which is the platform for negotiations between the Government, employers and trade unions with regard to fundamental political, economic and social questions. By means of the media, we inform the broad public about the views and positions of employers and enterprises, organise their common meetings and shape public opinion regarding the requirements for economic development. We represent our members, as duly authorised by them, in the area of collective bargaining. We also participate in public debates and present our own proposals to influence political and economic decision making in the economic and social spheres at both the national and international levels.

European Union Lobbying

We defend and promote the interests of our members in negotiations of international organisations and institutions through representation in those committees and working groups of BusinessEurope  (our EU umbrella organization)  that participate in creating employment policies at the European level.

We Provide expert support and assistance for members negotiating individually in the EU’s institutions as well as through CEBRE (Czech Business Representation to the EU in Brussels), an information service concerning regulatory measures approved and in preparation.

We are representing the interests of employers and enterprises within such international organisations as BusinessEurope, BIAC (The Business and Industry Advisory Committee to the OECD and European Economic and Social Committee).

International Level Lobbying

We track and work also with materials from other organizations according the contemporary needs such as World Trade Organization (WTO) and International Labour Organization (ILO).

One of our main interests is clear and equal conditions for foreign trade all around the globe. We promote and assert the interests of our members during preparation of various Free Trade Agreements and other Trade Agreements.

Wide National and International Cooperation

We are keeping close contact with various organizations, nongovernmental and governmental bodies in the Czech Republic and abroad.

At the national level we are cooperating and communicating with ministries, Office of the Prime Minister, Office of the President of the Czech Republic, trade and investment promotion agencies (CzechTrade, CzechInvest), industrial associations and many others.

The important gateway for our international contacts and cooperation is the foreign network of the Czech Republic consisting mainly of embassies, consulates, and offices of CzechTrade and CzechInvest agencies. We maintain contacts with all of these representations of our state in order to exchange information and cooperation during various events promoting trade relations between Czech and foreign entities. (e.g. business missions, trade fairs and seminars).

Besides our close contacts with other European employers´ organizations united under the BusinessEurope, we have so far signed more than 100 cooperation agreements and memorandums of understanding with business organizations, chambers and other bodies in the whole world. 

We are opened to cooperate with any entity with which we share common interests and values.