Brussels Office

Since 1993 the Confederation of Industry of the Czech Republic (SPCR) has been a member of BusinessEurope, the Confederation of European Business. BusinessEurope is the leading advocate for growth and competitiveness at European level and a recognized social partner. It represents 40 national business federations from 34 European countries and on their behalf regularly interacts with the European institutions and other stakeholders. The membership in BusinessEurope is the most direct and effective way for us to influence the development of initiatives, policies and legislative and non-legislative actions of the European Commission and helps us to create our own strategies in the field of the EU affairs. BusinessEurope serves as a platform to actively promote the interests of Czech employers and entrepreneurs and seek consensus with other European business federations. SPCR has set up its office in Brussels, at the heart of the EU institutions, which is run by the Permanent Delegate of SPCR to BusinessEurope. In cooperation with SPCR´s experts the Permanent Delegate coordinates the exchange of information. The Permanent Delegate promotes, defends and actively explains the positions of SPCR and its members at European level and thus ensures that the voice of Czech business is heard in European policy-making. Through its Brussels office and BusinessEurope, SPCR strives for the most favorable setting of the adopted legislative and non-legislative measures at European level which could have a significant impact on the domestic business environment and the competitiveness of our members.
Jana Hartman Radová
Head of Brussels Office / Permanent Delegate to BusinessEurope

Rue de la Science 15
1000 Brussels, Belgium

Phone: +420 +32 495 784 952