Union of Czech and Moravian Consumer Co-operatives

The Union of Czech and Moravian Consumers cooperatives is in the interest of the association of consumers cooperatives of the COOP Group. They promote their interests in relation to state organizations, and represent them in the Czech Republic and abroad.
Separately, as well as in the framework of its membership
in the sector of professional organizations and institutions , it promotes the interests and needs of cooperatives in relation to political and social structures of the Czech Republic and the EU.
The Union helps the development of business activities of cooperatives and acts as an integrating factor in the various fields of activity of consumer cooperatives.
The Union provides its members with assistance in the legal field, with the introduction of modern management, processing of financial, tax, accounting and economic analysis, in member relations and in dealing with labor law issues.

The assistance for the training of individual management teams is also significant in providing a comprehensive information service.

The Union of Czech and Moravian consumer cooperatives associates 57 consumer cooperatives, which operate a retail and wholesale activity. The sales area capacity of 3,000 stores represents a floor area of 400,000 m2. More than 15 000 peple are emloyed in Consumer cooperatives. The total retail turnover of Consumer cooperatives of the COOP Group was 28,6 billion Czech Crowns in the year 2008.

From the perspective of business groups, Consumer cooperatives of the COOP Group are in sixth place in the TOP 10 of Czech trade. The Association has founded 11 secondary schools, which prepare more than 5 thousand students for their professions.

The Cooperative secondary schools are focused mainly on commercial, economic, gastronomic and service subjects; and their educational programs progress in the field of advanced vocational, secondary vocational, and apprentice education.

The training and consultancy facility in the area of management and vocational training is the Management Institute COOP, spol. Ltd., whose main aim is the continuous training of management of cooperative organizations SÄŒMSD at all levels of management.

The Association is a founder of CZECH RENT A CAR, Ltd., which operates car rentals Europcar and DLS - Cooperative Leasing Companies, Ltd. in the Czech Republic.
The Union of Czech and Moravian Consumers cooperatives is also the holder of the prestigious Golden Dukát 2008 award, which was given the COOP group by the magazíne „Modern Trade“ at the beginning of February 2009 at the Retail Summit conference.
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