Brexit - no deal means disaster, must be definitely ruled out

Today, BusinessEurope published an unprecedented warning against a disorderly, no-deal exit of the UK from the European Union.

BusinessEurope Director General Markus J. Beyrer said:

“No deal is a recipe for disaster and should be definitely ruled out. A disorderly, no deal exit of the UK would be extremely harmful for all sides. It would cause massive damage for citizens and businesses in the UK and on the continent alike. The negative consequences would not be limited to the exit date but would drag on endangering the fruitful and positive future relationship we all aim for.”

Beyrer warned, the UK leaving without a deal would mean opening the door to further uncertainty, access to goods would cost more and travelling would become more difficult:

“Nobody knows how long the EU and the UK will need to define a future relationship. In the meantime, citizens and companies will face the hard consequences of the UK becoming a third country falling from the status of full integration into the single market to a relationship with the EU less close than almost all other countries in the world, inter alia meaning tariffs and heavy border controls. Access to each other's goods and services will become much more difficult and will cost more and things that seem simple today like travelling will become more difficult. A deal is therefore an absolute necessity.”

“We need to ensure a smooth transition from the current to the future EU-UK relation with a clear and stable framework that gives confidence to citizens and businesses. We urge both sides to undertake all reasonable efforts and engage in constructive dialogue to avoid no-deal, remaining open to discuss feasible options that can ensure an orderly exit. In this context we expect the UK Government is able to bring viable options to the table as a matter of urgency.”

“Perpetuating uncertainty through another extension is far from ideal and does not bring a definitive solution. However, in view of the certainty of a disastrous no deal this option should be considered as an alternative, if it is time-limited and the UK provides a clear path to a deal.”

“Despite all efforts a no-deal exit unfortunately is and remains a shockingly plausible scenario. Preparations for the possibility of a no-deal exit therefore need to be vigorously stepped-up. Companies need to implement the necessary contingency measures and Governments need to make sure that everything is done to mitigate the impact of a possible no-deal both in the EU and the UK.”

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