Entrepreneurial associations want the UK to stay in the EU

Confederation of Industry has signed an open letter published by the British CBI.

Before the forthcoming meeting of the European Council, the European entrepreneurs‘ associations including the Confederation of Industry of the Czech Republic give their support to the British prime minister David Cameron in an effort to make the EU more competitive. The business and industry associations want the UK to stay inside a reformed EU.

The Confederation of British Industry (CBI) with its partners from 19 EU countries, including the Czech Republic, representing the interests of more than 2,5 million companies of all sizes and employing more than 50 million people has published an open letter in the Financial Times daily on Wednesday 17th February supporting reforms that will make the EU more competitive and will offer to the EU citizens jobs, security and prosperity. The entrepreneurs‘ associations recognize that not each member country wants to be the driving force in a more progressive EU integration and agree that the countries outside the eurozone should have a guaranteed place in the wider internal market.

Open leter of the entrepreneurs' associations

Radim Klekner
section European Union