Unemployment in the Czech Republic has risen in July

Total sum of people employed in industry and transport can further drop by 0.8%.

July confirmed the fears of the Confederation of Industry of re-growth rate in the second half of this year. As stated by the Ministry of Labor at the end of July 2013, 551,096 unemployed people registered with labor bureaus, 10,623 more than at the end of June. In comparison with the same date last year, it's even about 65,499 more people without a job. Current unemployment rate in the Czech Republic is 7.5%.

The economic situation of the firms is still negative, only 24 percent of them expect improvement this year. The July survey Confederation of Industry of the Czech Republic between the member companies found out that only 15 percent of companies are planning recruiting new employees this year. The instability of the situation is the fact that approximately 18 percent of companies will hire workers only on a temporary basis.

The Confederation of Industry of the Czech Republic refers in this context to the disproportion between labor market requirements and existing educational system that pours out unenforceable graduates of humanities and economics.

Although over 90,000 high school students and around 80,000 university graduates complete their studies every year, only a small portion of them are trained to perform the required technical professions.

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