Confederation's position paper on Greece

Czech business is deceived by the results of the Greek referendum.

The Confederation of Industry of the Czech Republic considers the results of the Greek referendum in which most voters have rejected the pressure of the international creditors to be only a further postponement of the actual situation's solution.

„The business everywhere in the world is and will be pragmatic because it is connected with reality," the Confederation's president Jaroslav Hanák said. „Unfortunately, the actual reality in Greece doesn't bring the much-needed stability and certainty to the Europe. Personally, I'm very deceived by the results of the referendum. This way doesn't bring anything good neither to the Greek citizens, nor to the Greek economy and Europe's prosperity."

A similar stance has been taken by other European employers' confederations and associations. The European business has, for a long time, believed in common sense and cohesion of Europe. The business considers the cheap victory of the Greek referendum to be another blow below the waist of Europe, which stands under economic, migratory and geopolitical pressure.

Europe has reached only a fragile economic recovery and each political shock could reverse this trend. What Europe needs most is stability to continue the reform process.

According to the Confederation of Industry of the Czech Republic, the business in the Czech Republic and in Europe in general awaits from the political leaders of the EU to guarantee this stability and predictability in Europe in such a way that the companies could further contribute to the growth and job creation.

The recently published report of the EU institutions' five presidents offers to the European Union a certain new chance and new quality of the economic convergence process. The Confederation of Industry of the Czech Republic supposes that it is necessary to focus on the Economic and Monetary Union's strengthening in such a way that all member countries could share its benefits.

Radim Klekner
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