Gender equality in the Czech Republic improved only slightly

The differences in career and job opportunities for men and women are still high.

The European Institute for Gender Equality (EIGE), the EU agency giving support to EU bodies and member states in promoting gender equality between women and men, fighting gender discrimination and enhancing information about gender equality published a report „Gender Equality Index 2015" in which it evaluates the measures taken in the gender equality field in 2005-2012.

It shows that the differences in gender equality progress are given by different priorities and procedures in this field existing in the member countries. The Gender Equality Index focuses on six key areas: work, income, knowledge, time, competence and health as well as on violence and inequalities.

The report states that there was minimum progress achieved between 2005 and 2012. From 2005 when the index amounted to 51,3 from 100 (100 value represents the ideal condition), it raised only to 52,9 in 2012. The Czech Republic improved its Gender Equality Index from 40,3 in 2005 to 43,8 in 2012.

EIGE report 2015

Radim Klekner
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