Brexit: European business calls for a change of EU policy

Brexit is bad news for the European and Czech business.

Confederation of Industry of the Czech Republic (SP ČR) clearly supported the remain of Great Britain in the European Union. Desicion of Brexit will jeopardize principles of function of the European Union and affect EU operation. Brexit will cause more "exit" tendencies and consideration of further referendums. British referendum started a period of uncertainty and unpredictability.

SP ČR will urge on the Czech government to send our citizens and the European Union a clear signal that now is not the time to discuss Czech membership and debate about "Czexit" but to unite behind the countries which believe in advantages of the single European economic area.

BUSINESSEUROPE respects the decision of the voters but regrets that the United Kingdom chose to leave the European Union.

BUSINESSEUROPE President Emma Marcegaglia commented:
“The European business community continues to strongly believe in the European Union. Brexit opens up factors of uncertainty. We must now focus on the way forward. This set-back makes it only more important to make the necessary reforms in the European Union. We call on EU member states to send a strong signal reconfirming their commitment to the European Union and its three main economic pillars: the single market, the common trade policy and the Euro. At the same time, we need to find smart solutions for an orderly Brexit process. Keeping a cool head is essential to minimise the adverse consequences of this vote. We must keep calm and carry on.”

All the big challenges facing us today (security, migration, climate change, economic and social development, etc.) have an international dimension. Efficient solutions can only be found if we work together at European level.

BUSINESSEUROPE statement available here.

Kateřina Pavlíková
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