Industry firms lack staff protection for daily operations

A number of Czech industrial firms lack equipment to protect their employees in day-to-day operations owing to a huge demand for these products over the coronavirus pandemic, said Bohuslav Cizek, head of the economic affairs department at the Confederation of Industry.

Safety rules make it impossible to use home-made face masks at some production facilities, Cizek told CTK. A flash survey among 45 firms, members of the Confederation, employing over 60,000 people showed that they need some 123,000 face masks per week and 357,000 respirator masks ranging from FFP1 through FFP2 to FFP3," Cizek said.

They also need over 180,000 pairs of gloves, 2,800 spectacles with side protections and 2,200 protective outfits, he said. The Confederation is cooperating with the Industry and Trade Ministry, trying to ensure enough products are available, Cizek said.

Most firms are hit by the government measures aimed to stem the coronavirus spread. A shortfall in March and April may cause losses worth hundreds of billions of crowns, and figures will rise further owing to a weaker economic growth and lower investments, Cizek said.

Source: ČTK

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